Children and Photography

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Children and Photography..

My approach to photographing children is simple. Let the kids play!

Meeting the Child/Children

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I always approach a session with a quick study… During the introduction I get to know the kids. Specifically, I observe how they communicate, what tone makes them smile, and where they feel most comfortable in the setting. It’s always good to know their likes and dislikes, especially with the younger ones.

While each child has their own distinct personality, I quickly see who is confident, who is shy, who is uncertain and who is bored.

The Shoot

If they have ideas, I follow their lead. With Mom or Dad’s approval, I even give the kids an opportunity to choose the locations where we photograph.

Every photo shoot involving children is different and unpredictable.  I’ve learned to expect anything, shoot fast because session time is limited, and have fun! In my most recent photo shoot with kids, as highlighted in this blog, I had just as much fun as they did.




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