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What to wear for a headshot or portrait for a more conservative business look.

After photographing lots of portraits for the business community I thought it might be a good idea to offer some suggestions for clothing, colors, etc. that work better than others.

The way we dress for our portrait should reflect the nature of our business. You want to send out a visual message to your prospective clients and prospective employers that you can be trusted, you are approachable and you can fit in….. Your attire should reflect the type of business you are seeking. Let’s talk the conservative portrait.


Consider wearing a medium to dark suit, a light colored solid shirt or very thin pinstripes, and a colorful but quiet patterned tie. Your jacket should fit. If you have lost weight or gained weight, tailor your clothes to fit your body. The shirt should button up comfortably. The shirt arms should hit your wrists in the appropriate place.

For a more casual portrait you should not wear a light or white shirt. Bold colors work well. Remember, white and light colors reflect light, which will make you look larger.

Consider getting your hair cut before the shoot so that you are happy with the way it looks.

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A dark to medium colored suit, solid shirts and lighter colors under a jacket look best. If your weight has changed, make sure you have tailored your clothes to fit your body. When buttons do not close or shirts are too large, try to look for a shirt in your closet with a better fit.

For more casual photos without a jacket, consider not wearing light pastels or white unless you are wearing a scarf. Pale colors tend to make you look larger. Something that might be fun is a red jacket with the right lipstick; it looks fantastic.


Jewelry should be small and not take away from your face. Simple earrings that are not shiny or a smaller necklace will work well. It is about your smile and the gleam in your eyes that conveys who you are. Wearing make up for a photo shoot is important because the photo lights can wash away your color, which would not make for a strong picture. Hair styling is important. Make sure you like the way your hair looks the day of the photo shoot. Consider treating yourself to a hair and makeup session!

IMG_9943x IMG_0673

If all else fails, there is always the miracle of RETOUCHING 🙂

Now that your hair and clothes are comfy, it is time for your photo session! Show off your personality for everyone to see!

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